About Neuven Solutions Limited

Maybe we should start by making it clear what we do and who we are!

  • We save our clients money
  • We improve quality and compliance
  • We are not a recruitment company
  • We are a true neutral vendor

This is important to note, because there are very few of us about.

This means that we are not linked, in any way, to a staffing provider. The benefit to our clients is that we can give impartial advice on agency and locum management without risking being compromised by the desire to divert bookings to an associated recruitment company. This is often seen as a major flaw in the traditional master vendor model. How can a company recommend cost savings when they are effectively reducing their own margins?

The neutral vendor model benefits agencies in that every agency who sits on our supply team gets the opportunity to compete on a level playing field. Quality will gain a larger share of the client spend. In the less popular master vendor model, smaller quality agencies often end up feeding on scraps from the masters table. Agencies find this model less attractive because they also have to share confidential information with competitor agencies.

The people who work at Neuven are highly experienced in the world of staffing. We analyse staffing issues that face organisations on a daily basis and apply the use of technology to provide solutions. We specialise in reducing cost and increasing quality through improved compliance. All our clients will confirm the high level of customer service and professionalism they receive from our company. Additionally, they will testify to the effectiveness of our solutions.

By applying these principles to both the temporary and locum staffing sectors, we came up with our unique solutions to the issues we found. As a result, Venneu and Venloc were born.

We also provide compliance support to both clients and agency suppliers through our auditing and training team.

If you require more information on any of our products, please call us.