Agency Workers Regulations

agency worker regulationsThe Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) are causing users of temporary agency staff to question how they utilise this type of labour. Many organisations do not have a clear idea of how best to manage the implications of falling foul of the legislation. Panic has been caused by companies suddenly having to be clear on the type of contract their temporary workers are employed under, how long they have been working for the company and comparable rates for each job at each location.

Neuven can help find a safe path through the various issues now facing large organisations. We will conduct a detailed analysis of your current position and then present you with the facts that help you decide on a compliant method of moving forward.

By using our technology platform, Venneu, backed up by our robust service level agreements, you are ensuring that you have a compliant easy to manage process for complying with the legislation.

Benefits include:

  • Robust Service Level Agreements
  • All workers tracked through Venneu
  • Detailed ‘real time’ reports
  • Audit trail and clarity
  • Protection