Locum Management Solutions

locum management solutionsNeuven Solutions can reduce your annual spend on direct and agency locum labour by up to 10%. We can deliver considerable cost savings to organisations that use multiple locums, either through agencies or direct. Our solution works for all types of locum labour. From registration through to paying the locum wages, we can ensure total efficiency and compliance.

Venloc, our on-line platform, will ensure that locums are registered and approved along individual company guidelines. Once in the pool of approved locums, shifts will be offered, requested and accepted through Venloc with each worker matched to appropriate sites by distance and qualifications.

The cost save element of this solution works by fixing payment by shift and managing expenses claims. Using Venloc reduces the time spent on administration for each booking. We can also consolidate locum invoicing into a single weekly invoice and manage the individual locum payments.

Benefits include:

  • Significant cost savings
  • Reduced administration
  • Effective in Pharmacy, medical, legal, veterinary and direct temporary markets
  • Single invoice per week / locum payments managed by Neuven
  • Robust management reporting
  • Compliance to eligibility to work in UK / Passport and ID document upload
  • Revenue protection / fraud avoidance
  • We are a neutral vendor and therefore not linked to any agency